Moon aligned crystal remedies

Our Universe provides an abundance of wonderful energies and frequencies... just two of these are the energies through the ever constant cycle of our Moon and the vast array of crystals gifted to us by our planet Gaia.

Advanced Crystal Master and Certified Crystal Practitioner Nicola Horsley brings together these elements in her Luna Remedy collections.  With a selection of crystals intuitively hand selected to suit every scenario, each Luna Remedy is handcrafted in tune with the Moon cycle with a little bit of knot magick crafted in for good measure.

Crystal learning and resources

Coming soon - the complete resources to bring the energies of crystals and the Moon into your life.

Online Course

Learn how to use the energies of the New Moon to lift your own vibration to that of your dreams, hopes and desires.... when you wish in flow, results come fast!

Online Course

The Full Moon brings a focus on clearance, letting go and forgiveness.  Learn how to make the most of these energies with each cycle to clear the space for faster manifesting!

Online Course

An easy to follow beginner or refresher course to start your journey with crystal energies.  Straightforward guidance with downloadable workbook.

About Nicola

Nicola Horsley is a Yorkshire lass through and through, a no nonsense empath with a passion for the Moon and all things energy and frequency.

Nicola has developed her own intuitive abilities through years of practice and study to become a renowned International Psychic Medium , with many clients around the globe who come back time and time again for her insight and energy readings.  She is a qualified Transformation Life Coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, using her coaching skills to bring her passion for crystals to life in her teachings.  Nicola is also a graduate of the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy where she qualified as an Advanced Crystal Master and Certified Crystal Practitioner.  Bringing all of her modalities together she has created Luna Remedies to share her passions with the global community.

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